If you or loved ones suffered from an illness or accident and need temporary care to get back to a normal routine, Care Never Sleeps offers reeablement care to help you cope at home. Our carer will stay with you to help you in day to day tasks like getting dressed, preparing meals and changing sides while sleeping.

Our trained professionals assist people in staying independent and regaining daily living skills following a long illness, disability and accident. We help people maintain their everyday lives within their homes and enable them to regain abilities, skills, and activities. Our reablement care services are customised by our team of experts according to the individual need and injury. We ensure your all needs are taken care of until you get back to your normal life.

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Home Care: Step-by-Step

When you or your family come to Care Never Sleeps, we want you to know that what drives us is Choice, Trust and Openness – and a key part of this is letting you know exactly what we do, how we do it – and why you can count on us to deliver a reliable and professional service!

Step One: Understanding Your Needs

However simple or complex your needs a Service User Care Plan will be formulated by the carer and everyone else who has a vested interest in your care provision – e.g. family members or external professionals. This enables our clients to live as independently and comfortably as is possible in their circumstances.

Prior to the start of the service, our client will be introduced to a few carers – each one fully conversant with the necessary skills and experience to provide the care that our client needs. Each carer will be selected on their personal compatibility with our client, which we feel is necessary – especially for the provision of a live-in care service. Thus choice is a key operating principle for us.

Step Two: Engaging the Carer and Implementing the Package

A weekly or bi-weekly rota will then be implemented in accordance with your choice of carer. Your choice of service will be tailored exactly to your needs: a live-in or hours package. We offer a live-in care service which enables the client to remain in the comfort of their own home thus staving off the daunting prospect of selling their property and moving into a residential or nursing home. Throughout the live-in care service the carer will take on all aspects of the clients previous role i.e. housework, shopping etc. The carer will accompany the client to doctor/dental hospital appointments, where necessary.

Our hours package is no less comprehensive: again, tailoring the engagement of the right carer (selected by you, with choice uppermost in mind) and ensuring that the right balance between needs and affordability is struck and maintained throughout. The carer will ensure that the client maintains all aspects of his/her life such as going to the cinema, meeting friends and generally ensuring they have an active social life, where applicable. As a company, we also like to include, not exclude, family members who have previously contributed to the care of the client, as we feel that they offer a greater insight, which would be extremely helpful in our provision of care.

Step Three: Constant Monitoring and Feedback

We believe in choice, trust and openness as the core operating principles that should guide our home care offering. Therefore, with this last point in mind – openness – we invite our clients to provide us with feedback on how our carers perform, in all aspects of their work and behaviours – and we’ll openly publish this feedback, but of course, carefully ensure that anything related to the personal aspects of the client will remain strictly confidential.